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Whether you’re an experienced Contact Juggler, or new to the community, welcome to ContactJuggleMe! This site is curated by CirqueSanity to share and expand the wonderful world of Contact Juggling*. If you’re new to this, you’re in the right place. Your journey starts here!

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Enjoy the journey – It’s truly worth it! 

*Aka: Crystal Ball Juggling, Sphereplay, Magic Ball Illusions, Contact Ball, Crystal Orb Juggling, Dynamic Manipulation, Gravity Defying Crystal Ball of doom and that Fushiwhatsit thing your friend saw on TV

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The following videos will help you choose the right Contact Ball. We shopping for Juggling gear with Home of Poi, and if you use this link you’ll automatically get 10% off your purchase!

Choosing the Right Contact Juggling Ball


Urban Contact Juggling: Intro - What is it? • Dianna David

What is Urban Contact Juggling?
I guess when my influences came from street dance like Popping, Tutting, Waving, Hip Hop was mixed with the contact juggling ball, I created what ...
I call Urban Contact Juggling. Look around at things and people who inspire you to create your own style. The Urban Style is gritty, it can be smooth in waving, exact like popping and creative shapes and speeds in Hip hop. Have fun with it! Find the songs that help you make the ball come to life!

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Introduction to Illusion

In this tutorial, Briney speaks about Illusion style (or "isolation") and the basic information you need to know before you start your contact juggling illusion practice.

Roll based Moves (Including Butterfly variants)

Lesson One : Momentum vs Gravity rolls

This is the first in a series I am presenting from a workshop I call "Dawn's Drills". Hopefully, these lessons can aide people in gaining more control with their arm ...and body rolls.
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Tutorial Videos from Home of Poi

Tips for Effective Practice

Keep a contact ball your computer desk for frequent, micro practice sessions when you need a break from work (or an escape from scrolling).

Smooth Moves Take Time – Don’t worry too much about a sloppy, initial version of a trick. Bumbling through it for weeks is fine; just keep up the repetition! It may take months, but the kinks will iron themselves out and gracefulness will follow on its own. Regardless of your balance and reflexes, muscle-memory will inevitably set in in your hands and arms, greatly improving their reactions.

Create a safe space to practice. On your bed, over carpet or on mats. Use pillows or a rolled towel to create a barrier to stop the ball rolling far away.