Fire Show

Written & Directed by Rewi & Tina Bracey

Our Full Length Fire Shows range from 5mins to 45 mins Long!

Our fire shows are customizable to suit any event! From ambient fire sets to full length stage shows with special effects upon request to WOW your audience! Our shows are usually choreographed as a Duo Performer Show up to 5 Performers.

We are a FULLY insured performance company with over 12 years in the industry and can assure you a %100 safe, professional & high end dazzling Fire performance.

From Flame Throwers, to spectacular walls of Fire burning from the ends of Staffs, Contortionists lighting their legs on Fire while Balancing fearless, High Flying Aerial Umbrellas with Fire Wicks on the points, to choreographed daring and dazzling Fire Dances. Contact Us now and let us know how we can bring a Fire Show to your event!

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FACEBOOK: CirqueSanity and the HoopHooligans
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INSTAGRAM: @cirquesanity

Shows are Accompanied by beautiful Aesthetically themed Costuming, and Musicality, Choreography, and specialized Effects when requested.

CirqueSanity's Fire Shows Trailer!

CirqueSanity Presents Fire at the LA Theatre

CirqueSanity's Original Aerial Fire Umbrella!

CirqueSanty Presents: A Firery Duet

CirqueSanity's Fire Contortionist!

CirqueSanity's Original Flame Thrower!


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