Aerial Hammock & Sling 5x Workshop : Master Class & Crash Course!

⚜️💛 Los Angeles and So Cal! By Popular demand! CirqueSanity’s Aerial Hammock & Sling Master Class is here! And once again our 5x Class – 1 Month Crash Course!
Have you ever wanted to Learn or try Aerial Silks or Hammock but didn’t know where to Start? Aerial Hammock is a wonderful option as its a bit easier then Silks as it eliminates all of the extra climbing that can wear you out before you get to the fun stuff! This class allows you to Dance, swing, spin and get inverted from the ground level first and can help you practice your favorite poses a lot faster!

You will still learn full Silks Conditioning which transitions to full choreographed sequences on the Hammock along with all of the fundamentals of wraps, locks, drops & of course strength training and flexibility. Ready to try something New with your body that incorporates Fitness & Dance but Flying in the Air? Have you already been practicing for some time now and want to take yourself to another Level?

⭐️ Every Tuesday starting FEBRUARY. 6th- March. 5th at 6:30pm – 8pm

⭐️ All Levels Welcome! : Beginner – Intermediate Course

⭐️ Teens – Adults & Children Ages 10+ with Adult Recommendation

🔅🔆 At ONLY $38 Per Class! 5X Class Package Reservation Total : $190‼️🔆

🔅🔆 DISCOUNT!! $35 Per Class Per Person! For those who Register themselves along with 2 Other Friends! TOTAL $175‼️🔆

( Spots are Limited at a class of 9 students. You must Reserve for the full month Ahead of time. No Drop Ins. )

⚜️ Workshop Location is at JJs Gym 6232 Mary Ellen Ave. Van Nuys CA. 91401

🌟About the Workshop:🌟
This class is a Crash Course because you will learn a Lot of information at one Time. If you are a Beginner you will Learn the basics fundamentals of Aerial Hammock from initiating different knots, basic wraps, spinning and small drops etc. Intermediate you will learn the same but with longer wrap sequencing, & larger drops. Everyone will learn choreography in the air and musicality. We will also focus on consistent Flexibility training both in the air and on the ground as well as strength conditioning so that you can build a practice of your own that will allow you to be able to eventually perform safely as well as beautifully.

⚜️ Call or Text Tina Phoenix to Reserve your Spot and Register Today! 
P: (661) 526-9810
Email: [email protected]