Voila Show

Written & Directed by Rewi & Tina Bracey

Our Full Length Circus Theatre Shows range from 35mins to 1 Hour Long!

VOILA! Is a vibrant, colorful, dream-like show that tells a story of a young lads search for something more. With the use of stunning visual performances and playful sound effects, a magical escape from society’s grasps awaits. With high end CIRCUS arts and jaw dropping acrobatic feats. VOILA! A step into a world where magic is of an essence and you find yourself only one step away from taking flight. Is it a DREAM? Or is it your new reality? Find yourself wandering in the state of mind that is CIRQUESANITY!

We have a Multiple Options of our Voila!

– Duo Show : 2 Performer ( Ground Show Only or Combo w/ Aerial Arts)
– Trio Show : 3 Performers ( Ground Show Only or Combo w/ Aerial Arts)
– Group Show : 4 Performers ( Combo Show w/Aerial Arts )

Voila! Traces the journey of a young traveler named Percy who finds himself stuck in the storm and missing his train, that is a day to day reality in a society that is diluted of its magic. Until a curious bottle appears from within the glow of his trunk.. A trinket in time as his world suddenly unfolds when he finds himself staring into the face of a curious whimsical and adventurous young soul named Poppy and her talented friends.

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Show is Accompanied by beautiful Aesthetically themed Costuming, and Musicality, Dance Choreography, and Character driven Story Telling.

CirqueSanity's VOILA! Group Show

DUO SHOW TRAILER: CirqueSanity Presents " VOILA!"