EPK “VOILA!”: (40Min) Full Length Show

Written, Performed & Directed by Rewi & Tina Bracey

Our 40 Min Full Length Circus Theatre Show!
VOILA! Traces the journey of a young traveler named Percy who finds himself stuck in the storm that is a day to day reality in a society that is diluted of its magic. Until a curious bottle appears from within the glow of his trunk.. A trinket in time as his world suddenly unfolds when he finds himself staring into the face of a curious whimsical and adventurous young soul named Poppy.

VOILA! Is a vibrant, colorful, dream-like show that tells a story of a young lads search for something more. With the use of stunning visual performances and playful sound effects, a magical escape from society’s grasps awaits. With high end CIRCUS arts and jaw dropping acrobatic feats. VOILA! A step into a world where magic is of an essence and you find yourself only one step away from taking flight. Is it a DREAM? Or is it your new reality? Find yourself wandering in the state of mind that is CIRQUESANITY!

“VOILA!” Show: Full Length 40 Min Video Available By Request!

SHOW TRAILER: CirqueSanity Presents " VOILA!"



The top of the show begins when Percy finds himself stuck at a train station and caught in the rain. He drinks from a mysterious bottle & funny things begin happening…His world suddenly brightens in color as multiple objects suddenly appear & are handed to him from within his traveling trunk. A Crystal Ball appears and Percy is suddenly entranced in a performance of his own ability as he Contact Juggles & manipulates the curious items…a rubber chicken, a magic trumpet, a blast of confetti, the hand of a girl!?


A whimsical introduction of the two main characters as Percy meets the adventurous girl named Poppy. Together they dance & create arrays of partner acrobatics, contortion, & balancing tricks. Through quirky character and story,  Poppy shows Percy the magic inside of him. Through his strength & her grace a friendship is kindled.


The rain storm returns and Percy reaches inside his trunk for his Umbrella to protect his new friend Poppy from the down pour. The Umbrella is bewitched and takes on a mind of his own. With the use of clever sound effects and character tomfoolery, Percy skillfully dances, or battles per say, with his new nemesis The Umbrella.


Poppy returns to the stage to lend Percy a hand.. This time, by taking flight on her giant Umbrella & magically bewitching the storm away! She flies through the sky in a dream like spectacle swinging, spinning, & dancing through the air creating beautiful visuals & bendy shapes with her body. Hanging & dangling from below & above until the Sun begins to shine again.


Percy is inspired and enthralled by Poppy’s stunning beauty that he can’t wait to impress her with his newly discovered abilities. With the use of multiple hoops, he creates static, dynamic and moving shapes to evoke various animals, mind melting patterns, and images in a story telling ritual dance of illusions.


Impressed with Percy as he grasps the reigns of his new colorful reality. Poppy realizes her mission here is done. She skitters onto stage with a sparkling bucket and brightly colored rags and makes her way over to the traveling trunk from which she came into this world.  Using the colorful rags and bucket, Poppy joyously cleans up the trunk to its shining state and completes the job by Contorting & balancing on the trunk while curiously bending, folding & molding her body into dynamic, whimsical & creative shapes.


As Poppy begins to disappear into the Trunk to make her way home; Percy catches her in the act! Together they dance a Tango as Percy flies Poppy through the air on a spinning white rope. In a dazzling display of coordinated high speed motion, Poppy bends her body into different beautiful shapes while hanging from various parts of her body and moving in unison with Percy’s spin of the rope. 


Throughout the show, “VOILA!” displays a rich and colorful story line with an imaginative narrative from beginning to end. In a theatrical showcase of wits, companionship betweens characters, acting, comedy, technical skill, discipline, creative and visual arts, circus & musicality. The characters leave room for the audiences to play in the world of CirqueSanity with their own imagination as well as portraying a relatable message to the hearts of everyone partaking in the experience.  



David ‘ REWI’ Bracey

Rewi (pronounced re-we) is a New Zealand born, multi-discipline circus artist, performing Fire, Object Manipulation, Adagio and Clowning. His mastery is in Object Manipulation and what he has designed as Morphic Hooping: A style of hooping with techniques derived of multiple hoop manipulation, modern hoop ‘teching’, and Native American Hoop dance.

Now based in Los Angeles USA with his partner and wife Tina Bracey, he previously  spent 3 years on a global tour with the Hoop Hooligans performing their award winning show in 12 countries around the world. Through 10+ years performing and training in flow as well as circus arts, he has technique crafted in contemporary theatre as well as in traditional big top styles. He has performed lucratively in corporate and commercial entertainment , arts and music festivals, Fringe theatre festivals as well as street theatre shows. Rewi has cultivated a unique and mesmerising style.

He blends spectacular tricks, astonishing illusions, liquid movement and quirky character work, leaving audiences charmed and highly entertained.


  Performing since age 11, Tina has performed with big top traditional circuses such as the Giant 3 Ring Circus Gatti, as well as internationally with cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean International. She has been a professional in the Cirque entertainment industry since 2008 and has numerous public appearances at live music and arts festivals around the world such as Cochella (USA), WOMAD (New Zealand), Rainbow Serpant (Australia), WonderFruit Festival (Thailand), Envision Festival (Costa Rica) and Shambhala (Canada) to name a few.
  She has performed lucrative in the commercial entertainment industry being featured on set in T.V. shows, commercials, short films and music videos.
  Complementing her circus repertoire, she has 8 years of technical and competitive dance training. Combined with 10 years of professional circus training, performance and experience. Tina has developed highly advanced skill in the aerial arts including solo, duo and multiple person apparatuses. Tina is also a highly trained Contortionist and international instructor. Dazzling Fire Performer and Snake Charmer with her beloved 7 FT Boa ‘Gypsy’.
She is a powerhouse to the circus scene and a visual artist in her choreography & lives in passion for her art.


  Rewi and Tina met through the circus community in Los Angeles California in 2013. They immediately grew fond of each others and their mutual upsession for the circus arts unified them! They knew that they wanted to seek collaboration in creating performances and shows together. Tina travelled to New Zealand in January 2014 where they trained together for about 3 months. They discovered that together their diverse and multi-disciplinary skill set could create a Big Top Circus with just the two of them combined…Or something close to it. 
  Their friendship shortly after took off as romance. Both in their arts and in their love for one another. Creating individual acts together and having a long term international relationship meant plane hopping to and from the USA, New Zealand and Europe. They  knew what they had was special both in creation and in this world. Between May 2015 and October 2017 they married and Rewi settled down in the USA as a home based with his new partner and wife and now they share a life devoted to creation of immersive, inspiring and thrilling circus experiences. Together they embarked in their new project that was to be:
  A duo project derived of high end circus arts, jaw dropping aerial feats, mind melting object manipulation, fire performance, acrobatics, contortion, visual arts, and vivaciously vibrant characters. CirqueSanity has graced festival stages worldwide, presenting an ultra fresh, eclectic & high energy mix of cutting edge circus arts.
  CirqueSanity offers and amazing variety of circus acts and shows performing for events & parties of all kinds from public, private and corporate affairs. Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, launch parties, street performance festivals, music and arts festivals, concerts, stage shows, galas, and more.


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