“GREAT to work with, making it happen with a positive can-do attitude!  Mesmerized and amazed the audiences AND the client with a fresh and innovative approach on classic and time tested skills! Tuned in to the crowd and knows how make the performance work in almost any context.”
– Philip Solomon, Way 2 Much Entertainment, LOS ANGELES (USA)

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Multi-Morphic Hooping: A UNIQUE style created by the Hoop Hooligans blending technical illusions and amazing visuals, with the art of Native American Hoopdance. This amazing and visually spectacular act uses up to 21 hoops locked together in shapes you must see to believe! Costume and act theme can be customized to any show. Contact me now for quote!

Contact Juggling (Crystal Ball Manipulation): Mesmerizing, refined and polished! This classy act is an absolute winner for all kinds of events, I have performed this close up for celebrities including Will Smith, TV featured on ‘Keeping up with Kardashians’, countless Cabaret Shows and as a refined, highly entertaining roving character.

Fire Performance: MASTER fire artist with 10+ years experience, specialized in Fire Eating, Poi, Fire-Ropes, Double Staff, Clubs, and Dragon Staff. Experience the professional difference! SAFETY FOCUSED! I use a range of fire effects (sparkle powder, huge flame FX) and even stage pyrotechnics, all acts fully insured with Specialty Insurance.

LED Performance:
My HooperTrooper act is a full body LED suit used in combination with 4 super bright LED hoops, ultra glow poi, & crystal contact ball.
The suit has over 300 bright, multi coloured LEDs creating a dazzling spectacle, sure to light up any environment. This act is extremely versatile, either on stage, or as roving/walkabout entertainment. Contact me now for a quote!

Rewi (pronounced re-we) is a New Zealand born, multi-discipline circus artist, performing Fire, Object Manipulation and Clowning.

Now based in Los Angeles USA, he previously he spent 3 years on a global tour with the Hoop Hooligans performing their award winning show in 12 countries and visited many more.

Through 10+ years performing many styles of circus; from contemporary theatre to traditional big top, corporate entertainment to music festivals, even Fringe festivals and street theatre shows, Rewi has cultivated a unique and mesmerising style.

He blends spectacular tricks, astonishing illusions, liquid movement and quirky character work, leaving audiences charmed and highly entertained.

Recent happy clients and ongoing relations include:

Lucent Dossier Experience (Los Angeles)

Warner Bros – San Diego International ComicCon

The Kardashians & Kris Jenner’s 60th Gatsby Party

Fire n Ice Entertainment (Los Angeles)

Way2Much Entertainment (Los Angeles)

Dream World Cirque (Los Angeles)

Pflasterspektakel (Street Spectacular) Festival – Linz, Austria

Circus Mafia – Circus Production Company (SAN DIEGO)

ICC New Zealand (International Cricket Cup)

Wellington Circus Trust, New Zealand

Hard Rock Hotel San Diego

Stromboli Festa del Fuoco – Italy

Rainbow Serpent Festival – Australia

Boomtown Fair – UK


European Juggling Convention 2014 – Masterclass Instructor – Ireland

Morphic Hooping (Combination of modern mini-hooping and Native American Hoop Dance) – Class capacity – 5 people, 4x hoops per person are provided
In this super-fun workshop Rewi teaches a multi level approach to the world of Mini-hooping including technical aspects of Object Manipulation (isolations, motion tracing, grid spacing). The class uses 1 through 4 hoops, teaching a wide range of skills and several Native American Hoopdance concepts that allow the student to progress with larger numbers of hoops.
 cs card2
Contact Juggling – Crystal Ball Manipulation (Class capacity 10, student provides own ball)
Contact Juggling is one of the most mesmerizing disciplines within the field of Object Manipulation. Rewi’s contact juggling workshop focuses on three aspects: Manipulation & Illusion theory, Isolation Skills and Body Skills. The workshop focuses on single ball, but Rewi teaches multi-contact in smaller focus groups.
best contact juggler

Rewi Contact Juggling with Electric Groove Riders

FIRE CLUB / BATON MANIPULATION! (Class capacity 10+, must bring own batons/clubs)
Combine the flow of Poi with the brain-bending geometry of batons? The results are extraordinary! Rewi teaches club manipulation basics through to advanced tricks. Clubs are an amazing way to expand your technical movement and unlock new patterns. This class will teach you everything you need to break into the wonderful world of club manipulation!
fire artist los angeles Rewi

Rewi demonstrating Club & Palmtorch combo – unique and geometrically dazzling