ARTIST: CirqueSanity
PRODUCER: Rewi HoopHooligan, Tina Phoenix, CirqueSanity
LED Performance – Morphic LED-Hoops, Illuminated Acts, LED Fans, Poi, Clubs and more

Light up the night… Or day!

CirqueSanity additionally offers many of our Acts with LED & enhanced lighting – LEDazzled! If you need beautifully lit acts and performers, we’ve got you covered! If you are looking for custom built LED props, our fabrication department can help: LEDazzle: Bespoke LED Costumes and Custom/Specialty Prop Fabrication



CirqueSanity’s high-quality LED Skills include:

  • 9  Hoop LED Morphic Hooping – (same choregraphy, act available in full LED)
  • LED Club Spinning & Object Manipulation + Nunchuk Poi
  • LED Dance Fans
  • Illuminated LED Contortion Table / Performance
  • LED aerial Umbrella
  • Roaming LED variety Performance

LEDazzle It! – Professional LED Acts will add Energy where it’s needed most…


Mini Coorporate CirqueSanity Show Sample

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