Tina Phoenix is CirqueSanity’s Aerial Queen of the sky. Aerial Net, Hammock, Spanish Web, Silks, Creative Apparatuses and Multiple Duo Flying Acts including Duo Lyra & Duo Hammocks. Highly trained in Contortion, Contemporary, Jazz & Modern Dance, Tina presents a stunning array of cirque skills in a fantastical, yet utterly stunning character. Her specialty ground-acts include Snake Charming, Fire Contortion, Fire Dancing and Acrobatic Adagio.

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Tina Phoenix CirqueSanity

Meet Tina Phoenix!
Performing since age 11, Tina has performed with big top traditional circuses such as the Giant 3 Ring Circus Gatti, as well as internationally with cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean International. She has been a professional in the Cirque entertainment industry since 2008 and has numerous public appearances at live music and arts festivals around the world such as Cochella (USA), WOMAD (New Zealand), Rainbow Serpant (Australia), WonderFruit Festival (Thailand), Envision Festival (Costa Rica) and Shambhala (Canada) to name a few. She has performed lucrative in  the commercial entertainment industry being featured on set in T.V. shows, commercials, short films and music videos. She creates performances for Nightclubs, Concerts, Street Theatre, Weddings, Brthday Parties, Barmizvahs, Corporate Events and contemporary stage shows both nationally and internationally..

Complementing her circus repertoire, she has 8 years of technical and competitive dance training. Combined with 10 years of professional circus training, performance and experience. Tina has developed advanced skill in the aerial arts including apparatuses such as aerial Chiffon, Spanish Web, Hammock, Aerial Net, Harness, Bungee, Duo Lyra, Duo Hammocks, and specialty additions in Man to Man acts, partnering, and aerial hand to hand. Additionally Tina specializes in artistic aerial apparatus such as the aerial Spiral, aerial Moon, Aerial Umbrella and multi person acrobatic apparatuses. Tina is also a world class Contortionist, Fire Performer and Snake Charmer. She is a powerhouse to the circus scene and a visual artist in her choreography.

Past International Travel Experience Includes:

ASIA : Thailand and Vietnam

You can download Tina Phoenix’s current CV here:
  Tina Performance Resume 2018 May

The Modern Contortionist
  • 2 Hour Session: Master Class/ ALL LEVELS CLASS is a creative combo of Level 1: Learning to Bend and Level 2 Advancing your Bend

Level 1: Contortion: Learning to Bend
(1.5 Hour Session)
No Experience Neccessary

This is the beginning to intermediate level course that will teach students how and where to begin training their bodies in the vocabulary of a contortionist. With the instruction of this class, students will learn how to stretch safely and begin to allow change in their movement and advance in their range of flexibility. Students will learn how to do basic warmups and day to day stretches involving modern dance techniques, rhythmic and cirque style stretching to start lengthening and practicing the proper way in order to allow full range of flexibility in joints, muscles and ligaments. You will learn the root of strength training and balancing as well as fundamentals to cirque style movement and Mongolian to modern contortion technique.

Level 2: Advancing Your Bend
(1 Hour Session) (Int.-Advanced)
Pre’ Requisite: Must be able to initiate basic contorion tricks i.e. chest stand, pretzle, elbow stand, splits.

For the students who understand the basic fundamentals of stretching and need that extra push to advance. This is the intermediate to advanced level contortion class that will push your grounded level of flexibility to new heights. With the help of strength training, balancing and partner stretching you will learn how to break into further levels of flexibility in your back, neck, arms and legs, pushing past flat lines to begin executing hyper extensions, as well as how to use your core for control and grace. You will learn how to start initiating contortion poses as well as transitioning from one pose to another seamlessly. Students will dabble in cirque style character movement, musicality, Mongolian and modern contortion techniques, dance and choreography.

Level 3: Mastering Contortion
(1 Hour Session)
Is the Advanced Contortion session which is available upon request. Students must already be practicing the basics of contortion and be able to initiate most standard poses. This class will push hyper extensions, and the more extreme back positions as well as touch on hand balancing and choreographing routines.

((Private Lessons Available in all Levels))
MIXED CIRCUS CLASS: Circus Variety Flexibilty Focuses ((Floor and Aerial Apparatuses))
(1- 1.5 Hour Session)
 In this workshop students will learn a variety of ways that they can use their flexibility and CONTORTION skills in the circus. We will workshop ground and table contortion sequences, an introduction to foot hooping, as well as using your flexibility in flight and in the air via multiple different aerial disciplines such as the lyra, silks, loops or hammock etc. We will also workshop creative ways to portray different charactera in contortion choreography such as through clowning, kooky, creepy, animalistic mischievous, sultry and beautiful transitions

WORKSHOP: The Dance of the Aerial – Contortionist
(1.5 – 2 Hour Session)

For Aspiring Aerial-Contortionists who want to strengthen there foundation in contortion both on the ground and in the air.

Aerial muscles getting in the way of your bendiness? Have the desire for active flexibility whilst being fierce with your strength in the air? Is it possible to have both?
I’m here to tell you yes it is. And give you the key secrets to maintain it.

This is the ALL LEVELS course for aspiring Aerialists and Contortionists whome have the desire to build a contortion based foundation in their physical movement and performing arts.
To bend with grace and control, my instruction will teach students how to train and condition their bodies with the vocabulary of a contortionist both on the ground and in the air. Students will learn how to stretch safely and begin to allow change in their movement through advancing their joint range of motion and active flexibility.
You will also learn the root of strength training and balancing as well as fundamentals to creative cirque style movement.

I am currently offering a 2 Hour Private lesson which includes 1 hour of Aerial Contortion on the Silk and 1 Hour of Contortion training. These lessons are at the Beginner and Intermediate level.

OTHER Aerial Workshops and Classes Also Available:

 Silks (Beg./ Intermediate/ Intermediate Adv.) Majestic Chiffon
Beginner- Intermediate Classes and ALL LEVELS aerial workshop that will teach you how to climb, wrap, drop and spin through the air on colorful lengths of fabric in the form of Aerial Silks or Aerial Hammock. You will learn basic through intermediate climbs and various wraps to maneuver the fabric to allow yourself to drop and/or hit flexibile and strong poses with your body. This workshop will teach you strength and flexibility to allow yourself to be comfortable in the air as well how to create spinning flying sequences using musicality.

Spanish Web: “Art of Spanish Web” and
“An Introduction to Dancing with the Spin”
Workshop Description:
An introduction to the traditional circus apparatus and art form of the Spanish Web! Hand loops, foot loops, contortion and spinning…lots of spinning! Students will learn both how to set the rope effectively for each other AND how to spin through the air with smooth transitions and proper technique. With a combination of Corde Lisse elements and modern climbs we will combine some of our favorite aerial poses to create a sequence for students to begin their dance with the Spanish Web. 

– DUO Lyra (Beginner-Intermediate): “Partnering Sequences in the Ring”

** All workshops include strength conditioning and advanced flexibility training as well as the exploration or musicality, dance and choreography in the air, along with the technical and safe execution of tricks, wraps and apparatus use. **

Contact Tina Phoenix for more details : [email protected]

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