ARTIST: Tina Phoenix & Partners
PRODUCER: Tina Phoenix & Additional Partners
Aerial Duets – Male or Female Duos

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CirqueSanity presents multi apparatus dynamic aerial duets! Aerial acts performed by not one, but 2 aerialists at a time. Male/ Female and Female/Female partner acts available. Like what you see in the air performed by a solo artist? Wait till you see the stunning visuals 2 people can make! High energy, creative, romantic, ethereal, kooky or graceful. These duos will tell stories with their bodies and create shapes that will keep you in awe.

Duo acts are a larger aerial act consisting of TWO spinning intertwining bodies executing amazing shapes and poses, hand to hand tricks and partnering skill.

Creative Apparatuses available for Duo choreography include Aerial Hoop (Lyra), Silks, Hammocks, Span-Set Straps, and Aerial Net.

Stage Requirements: 
– Lowest 18ft-20ft high ceilings
– 20ft PLUS ceiling height for BEST performance
– Rigging options: i.e. Pulley System, Truss, Rigging Point, Motor etc.