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Aerial Rig Rental + Professional Rigging


CirqueSanity provides a gorgeous high quality 22ft or 18ft high Aerial Truss Rig rental option for both indoor and outdoor events. This rig is top notch and has the ability to bring high flying aerial arts to your event with professional rigging and lighting installations! Our rig is prime for any corporate event, concert, theatre, festival, party, fair and so forth and provides the most stunning aesthetic out there. 

⭐️ Rig Heights and Ground Foot Print:

OPTION #1: 18 x 15 ft
OPTION #2: 18 x 20 ft
OPTION #3: 22 x 15 ft
OPTION #4: 22 x 20 ft

Set-Up and Break Down, Transport of Rig,  2X Riggers and Assistance coverage as well as the standard Pulley System rigging.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This Truss Rig takes a mandatory of 2X Riggers minimum to Set-Up and Break Down with 2X EXTRA PERSON HANDS on site to help us lift the rig. It is NOT POSSIBLE to Set-Up and put up this rig with only 1 person. Our rates are meant to cover CirqueSanity riggers only.

⭐️Standard Freestanding Aerial Rig

Height: 20ft (18ft Point with Equipment)
Footprint: 24ft Square

⭐️Specialty and Other Rigging Options:

#1.) Standard 4’1 Pulley System
(FREE with Rig Rentals.)

#2.) Aerial Motor Rental

  Installment and rental feels are additional to the Rig Rental package.

– On-Site Rigger Mandatory: We require an experienced CirqueSanity rigger on site to run the Motor for the duration of the performances at the event. This rate is a Quote by Quote Basis based on the length of the event, distance to event and so forth. Please contact US for details.

Butterfly Lift System

See Website Link for how it works: https://www.rockexotica.com/butterfly-lift
– Our price will include System Rental and Installment fees.
– On-Site Event Rigger is mandatory
to fly your aerialist During the event and is an additional rate to be added to the rig rental package total.

⭐️ LIGHTING For Hire:

– We provide full theatrical rig and stage Lighting Rentals for hire.


– We Provide Rig Rental Options for both Local and Out of Town events

– We Provide Rental Options for professional Aerialists outside of CirqueSanitys LLC. But we will provide and manage the Rig setup and break down process as well as any installations of rigging: i.e. Motors, Pulley Systems, etc.

We offer a RENTAL DEAL at a DISCOUNTED RATE for clients wishing to hire CirqueSanity’s Aerialists for their event to perform on this Rig. Our Aerialists are professional and insured, high quality and advanced in the craft. Our mission is to provide you the best deal if you choose to book us to both RIG and PERFORM at your event as a total package.    

See our ACTS PAGE for Aerial Arts we offer. We also have a database of Aerialists we work with and hire if there is a specific Act you are looking for and do not see it on our main page. Let us know!

PLEASE CONTACT US directly for a Price Quote and Package Options!

EMAIL: [email protected]

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