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CirqueSanity's FireFly Theatre FT. Axon Orkestra!

In a Twist of Time itself…

The magical world of CirqueSanity has collided with Los Angeles’ renowned Balkan Jazz Trio, Axon Orchestra! Presenting our most anticipated collaboration, based around the newly unveiled “Firefly Theatre” – a mobile fold-out Cirque Theatre / Land Ship dubbed “C.S. Firefly!”

The Firefly Theatre is a Traveling Show of Magic and Wonder, World Class Circus Arts and Live Musical Collaboration. The FireFly Theatre show currently has TWO Versions running. The First, as CirqueSanity’s stand alone full length Cirque Show featuring Rewi and Tina in full swing. And the 2nd Version with the 5 peice Cast and including the Trio band that is Axon Orchestra. Available for bookings Now!

CirqueSanity is a fusion of world class Circus Arts, Vaudeville Entertainment and Theatre. Imagined and created by two passionately driven Cirque Artists who together create a rich world of Whimsical Fantasy, Fun, Playful and Ethereal, works of Visual Art both on-stage and in the Air. CirqueSanity performs together with the Live, Balkan Inspired original music of world renowned World Jazz Trio AXON ORKESTRA!

About the C.S.Firefly

The CS.Firefly is a fully equipped Performance Theatre and Micro-Venue that unfolds from the back of their Intergalactic Steampunk Troubadour style Caravan (a heavily modified truck camper), built on the back of a 4×4 Truck. The Firefly Theatre runs on solar power and is designed to present cutting edge Cirque Theatre in the remotest of locations. Complete with red velvet curtains, Spanish lanterns, high-end Sound & Theatrical Lighting, and a one-of-a-kind, beautifully designed Aerial Rig that extends from the rooftop for high flying acrobatic feats!

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Show is Accompanied by beautiful Aesthetically themed Costuming, and Musicality, Dance Choreography, and Character driven Story Telling.

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