Aerial Silks (Chiffon)

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Aerial Silks is an acrobatic act involving an apparatus made of colorful flowing silks. The aerialist performs daring free falling drops, and highly technical wraps that tumble her through the air. Tricks involving strength, incredible contortion trained flexibility, serenading musicality, and choreography that mesmerizes the crowd with an array of beautiful, vintage, elegant, soft, fierce or sexy costuming that creates an image to remember. An act created for any venue or ambience.

Stage Requirements: 
– Lowest 18ft-20ft high ceilings
– 20ft PLUS ceiling height for BEST performance quality.
– Rigging options: i.e. Pulley System, Truss, Rigging Point, Motor etc.

CirqueSanity: Aerial Silks Preview

Aerial Performance Moments

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