Aerial Umbrella/ Aerial Fire Umbrella

This stunning Aerial Umbrella is a specialty apparatus designed and performed by Tina Phoenix. It currently has two interchangeable umbrella tops for your choice of performance aesthetic. One Opalescent  standard fabric top that reflects stage light beautifully as the color bounces off its shimmering surface.
2nd is its fiery fierce sister the first ever created Original Aerial Fire Umbrella with 8 floating wicks of flame that dance through the air. This is a contortion based apparatus with spins, and pendulum swings performed in an array of graceful flexibility that will make your jaw drop.

Stage Requirements:
– Lowest 15ft – 20ft Ceiling Height
Rigging Options: i.e. Pulley System, Truss, Rigging Point, Motor etc.
– Fire Safety required for Fire Apparatus

CirqueSanity Presents!: "Aerial Umbrella" in Voila!

The ORIGINAL Aerial Fire Umbrella!

CirqueSanity's Aerial Umbrella! Like a Cabaret!

The Original Aerial Umbrella / Aerial Fire Parasol!

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