ARTIST: Tina Phoenix, Rewi Bracey
PRODUCER: Tina Phoenix, Rewi Bracey
Giant Bubble Shows

CirqueSanity creates magical Bubble Shows and GIANT BUBBLE performances for all ages! Performed either Ambiently, Roaming style or Staged. Our Bubble shows are perfect for Kids parties and children’s events as well as for mesmerizing stunning stage acts.
Magic bubbles, smoke bubbles, bubbles in bubbles this is a wonder that everyone enjoys and the kids %100 of the time go nuts for!  With many characters for you to choose from such as fantasy and whimsical characters, traditional circus performers or beautiful fairies, mermaids, witches, storybook characters and more.. We also custom create characters based on your parties theme and bring the bubble magic with us. Our Giant Bubble shows are a hit and the perfect dose of magic for any holiday, party and event.

Giant Bubbles Teaser Video