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Design | Quality | Style : It all matters!

LEDazzle is known for high-end LED Wearables and bespoke Illuminated Costumes for Performance Artists, Circus/Theatre, Acrobats, Actors, Celebrities, and Entertainment Companies.

Our products are durable LED creations that can withstand the rigor of performance. Anybody with experience in LED performance will know, the design and quality of workmanship is incredibly important! We also provide an on-site LED technician service to guarantee full functionality for mission-critical situations. Our services are available globally.

LEDazzle is a branch of CirqueSanity Entertainment, based in Los Angeles, USA. We work with clients and customers in the wider USA, Europe, Asia, and New Zealand, including:

The show must go on!

In showbiz you rely on your props and costume working correctly, every time… As a company we frequently use our LED Costumes and Props during performance. Over many years in this industry we have developed special techniques to secure wiring and LED circuitry in the most durable way possible.

Key Services:

  • Design and fabrication of LED circuits, battery solutions, controllers and all necessary parts to illuminate a given prop or costume.
  • Maintenance and servicing of led props.
  • on-site technician service available – ensure your show lights up on cue!
  • provide your own costume / base garments, we retrofit with led
  • we Partner with established and high quality costume designers to co-ordinate unique, made to order LED costumes, 
  • We Provide professional consultancy on LED solutions for Costumes, Props, Stage productions, Film Sets, TV Commercials, even Home Decor and Vehicle interior lighting.

Contact LEDazzle now! Phone Rewi Bracey: +1 (310) 614 7491, or use our contact form for a quick response (lower left)