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TOP Quality design and creation: LED systems for Performance Props & Costumes!

Rewi Bracey creates high-end LED costumes for Circus Artists, Performance Artists, Actors, Celebrities, Entertainment Companies, and individuals in the Festival-going community. CirqueSanity & DreamLED is based in Los Angeles, USA, but has clients and customers in the wider USA, England, Germany, Australia, even New Zealand.

His specialty is creating durable LED costume products that can withstand the rigor of performance. Anybody with experience in LED costume projects will appreciate, the design and quality of workmanship is of the utmost importance.

The show must go on!

In show biz you rely on your props and costume working correctly, every time… As a performance artist who regularly uses and his own products to the extreme. Rewi of LED-Head has specially developed techniques to secure wiring and LED circuitry in the most durable way possible.

What we DO!

  • Design and fabricate LED circuitry, battery solutions, controllers and all necessary parts to illuminate a given prop or costume.
  • Partner with established and high quality fabric costume designers and taylors to co-ordinate LED costume creation. LED-Head designs and implements all electronic illumination components… We have partnered with a great range of costume designers in Los Angeles who create amazing, high-end performance costumes. Together we can turn any dream into LED reality!
  • Provide expert consultancy on LED solutions for Costumes, Props, Stage productions, Film Sets, TV Commercials, even Home Decor and Vehicle interior lighting.
  • Retrofit existing creations with LED

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