ARTIST: Tina Phoenix (Additional Male or Female Partner)
PRODUCER: Tina Phoenix
Aerial Hammocks / Sling

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Aerial Hammock is an apparatus made of various colorful silks. Similar to Aerial Silks but tied in a loop or sling and performed in the form of a hammock or swing. This act is beautiful on the stage or in a venue for ambience. A stunning dynamic aerial dance consisting of spinning, dropping, free falling and incredible flexibility performed in an array of color of choice.

Dynamic Duo Acts with TWO flying hammocks and TWO aerial performers at one time!!
Both Male/Female  (OR)  Female/Female Acts available. Duo acts are a larger aerial act consisting of TWO spinning intertwining bodies executing amazing shapes and poses, hand to hand tricks and partnering skill.

Stage Requirements: 
– Lowest 18ft – 20ft Ceiling Height
– Preferred 20ft PLUS Ceiling Height on average for Optimal Performance
– Rigging Options: i.e. Pulley System, Truss, Rigging Point, Motor etc.

CirqueSanity Presents: Aerial Hammock on Man to Man


Aerial Performance Moments

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