ARTIST: Tina Phoenix, Rewi Bracey
PRODUCER: Tina Phoenix, Rewi Bracey
Clowning & Characters

CirqueSanity presents a huge database of characters to fit any style, themed event or party. From Pirates, to Mermaids, Faeries, Woodland Creatures, Dark Circus, Earthy Elements, Tribal, French Cabaret, Winter Wonderland, Dia De Los Muertos, Space Galactic Adventurers, Carnival, Traditional Circus, Holiday Characters and More!!

Tell us your theme and what your vision is while choosing our high end acts and props etc. and we will dive into our emporium to create the characters you desire to roam about your event and guarantee you a visual performance like no other. Lets create together!!

CirqueSanity presents high quality, high end costuming, stunning professional makeup artistry, and accessories to bring your vision to life. 

CirqueSanity Presents!: "Percy and the Travelling Trunk"

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