Fire Performer – Fire Contortionist

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International cirque performer Tina Phoenix performs a highly skilled dangerous acrobatic act involving world class modern and Mongolian style contortion technique in a routine with a fire apparatus strapped and attached at the legs. Tina Phoenix is the FIRST cirque performer to create and debate an act of such:
FIRE CONTORTION– Choreography mesmerizes the crowd with an array of fire dancing and fire eating while igniting her legs a flame. Beautiful, vintage, elegant, dark or sexy costuming creates an image to remember.

Tina also performs an array of other fire apparatuses includingFire Fans + Fire Umbrella + Palm Torches + Fire Bowls + Fire Eating

CUSTOMIZED FIRE SHOWS – 3 to 15min: Option of a complete choreographed show including music, or individual acts, even roving performance (usually fire eating)

Vaudeville Fire Contortion


CirqueSanity Fire Show Promo!

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