ARTIST: Tina Phoenix, Rewi Bracey
PRODUCER: Tina Phoenix, Rewi Bracey
Halloween Entertainment

CirqueSanity designs Custom Halloween Shows and Productions! From our Witches and Warlocks Show, to our Dark Circus and Spooky Clowns with Fire Flame Throwers to our Time Traveling Steam Punk Aeronauts Saving the human race from Zombies. A Rag-Doll Jack in the Box, Vampires with Snake Charmers and More! Also currently featuring our Newest Show for 2023 ” The Garden of Whispers” A Mysterious and Eerie tale of the Soul of a Haunted Gardener and his spooky Romance with the Spirit of the Woods who comforts Him in is untimely Death.

We create Mini and Full length Shows, as well as provide Roaming Characters and Ambient Entertainment as well as singular Stage Acts. We design our Sound Tracks and Music as well as our Costume Looks to fit any theme along with Story. Our passion is making your vision come to Life..or Death!

CirqueSanity also Provides Custom Aerial Rigging and Stage layouts with Spooky and Theatrical Lighting. We Provide total Turn Key packages for professional Performances at the highest caliber.

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CirqueSanity's Original LED Witches Broom Act!

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