LEDazzle Chinese Dragon LED custom job
Chinese Dragon – LEDazzle Upgrade

Chinese Dragons are available with LED direct from China, however the quality and brightness is very low. LEDazzle Upgrade is successful for an Ultra-bright, multi-Colored Dragon Show

Design Criteria

  • Dragon LED to be super bright – enough to perform on stage lights and show illumination
  • must be capable of withstanding constant tugging and extreme strain while dragon is in use
  • color controlled via remote
  • upgrade to long life, light-weight battery packs (li-ion)

We have performed two separate LED Dragon upgrades. Each has required the most durable LED systems we have ever designed. Up to 6 people control the Dragon on long sticks, spinning and twisting the puppet. With the constant motion, a typical LED strip would quickly break. Our system allows all important components to be immobilized, as short rigid strips connected together along high-tension webbing cord. The end results is an extremely durable prop, ready for the group to puppet.

Both LEDazzled Dragons have endured many successful performances to date, and will last for many more.