Silk Fan Dancing Tina Phoenix
ARTIST: Tina Phoenix and Rewi HoopHooligan
PRODUCER: Tina Phoenix and Rewi HoopHooligan
Object Manipulation

We have a wide range of props we like to play with to create fun and colorful energetic routines for your entertainment. From stunning Silk and Ribbon dancing, to the kooky and fun Hat Juggling or Umbrella Manipulation! Prop Manipulation can happen in an atmospheric and ambient environment at your event OR in the form of choreographed acts for the stage. Tina Phoenix and Rewi Hoop Hooligan both provide visual energy and eye candy for any event.

Hat Juggling
Umbrella Manipulation
Rythmic Style Ribbon Dancing ( Various Color Gradients to fit your theme)
 Silk Veil Dancing (Various Colors)
Silk Fan Dancing (Various Colors)
Foot Hooping
Multiple Hoop Morphic Hooping
– Contact Juggling ( Crystal Ball)

– Other props include but not limited to Clown Props: Feathers, Parasol, Giant Flowers, Rubber Chickens, etc. + a roaming SuiteCase stuffed with a contortionist.……

– See more mind blowing prop Manipulation full length acts by CirqueSanity’s Rewi Bracey.

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