Testimonials and Reviews from our Clients

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Teresa Mercsak 

CEO of Unifier Entertainment LLC.

 So creative! Fun! Their duo CirqueSanity serves up a quality show, they’re versatile and know how to entertain all kinds of crowds. They’ve worked with my own company Unifier Entertainment for several years and I’ll continue to use their services!

Unifier Entertainment is a Los Angeles and San Diego-based entertainment company, that caters to public and private events worldwide.

Eric ‘Helix’ Wolfson

President and Founder at Incite Visual Media Inc.

As Director & Producer of “Amori’s Casino and Burlesque” at Lightning in a Bottle Festival, I’ve hired Rewi & Tina of CirqueSanity over multiple years to feature their show at the festival. Their work is of the highest level, I love their combination of comedic theatrics with high end circus skills and raw talent.  I would highly recommend their show to any event producer, and have found them professional and great to work with!

Incite Visual Media is a full-service production company that specialises in branding through online video. Our team is comprised of passionate filmmakers, artists and storytellers who live to create compelling, cinematic, visual content.

 Lisa Nova Han

Owner and CEO of Nova Han Productions.

CirqueSanity is really something else! Tina and Rewi create productions that are full of charisma with a genuine yet upscale aesthetic both on stage and off. Their joy for what they do really shines through their work in a way that makes them stand out from the rest. They are such a diverse duo that they seem to radiate mystery, beauty, outstanding technique and comedy all in one package. Their creatives outwit the standard norm leaving a fresh energy that inspires the audience. They are truly committed to their craft and on the top of my list.

Nova Han Productions is a full service production company specializing in Art Direction, Design and Production for Stage Shows, Festivals, Immersive Art Environments, and Specialized Talent / Characters.


President and Creative Director at Stilt Circus LLC.

The absolute best! Silly, playful, colorful, and dreamlike. My company Stilt Circus have been performing at fairs and festivals all over the world since 2000 and when we discovered CirqueSanity about 3 years ago we completely fell in love with their world! Not only are they both highly skilled circus performers, they also carry their business with absolute professionalism and heart. Their shows reaches to the wider audience and its hard not to completely get submersed in their stories. I have seen a lot of shows but they are ALWAYS something to remember.

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